Torii can provide all your location's hot water services

Torii provides hot water service to the top in property management, HOAs, Subsidized housing, and Institutional Real Estate Groups. There is a reason these industries work with us.

Torii's Promise

Torii Industries is a leading expert in hot water as a service industry. We can help achieve overall energy savings with our single-unit heat pump water heater. No matter who is paying the utility bill, energy savings and 24/7 365 uptime makes for happy tenants. Free maintenance teams' time to focus on other important, necessary tasks. Torii fully manages hot water heating for proactive monitoring and replacement by local certified professionals.


Constant monitoring to take proactive measures through proprietary sensors and Artificial Intelligence. Guaranteeing uptime and taking care of issues before they arise. Going where no one has gone before, take away the up-sale extended warranties because, with Torii, you simply don't need it. Our promise is to always be dependable.

Cellular IoT

Torii connects through cellular to provide our analytics. Allowing Tenants to change and Torii to keep monitoring with no switching Wi-Fi every time a new Tenant comes in. With Custom API to your existing maintenance scheduling software, do not bother your tenants and make your team's easier.


With premium rebate programs, we work alongside you to help provide the best overall savings. While savings go beyond the rebate to your operations. Turning a high capital expenditure into a simple operations expenditure and additional savings to come to you through other partners and programs.

Confidence in what we do is why the top work with us