Torii can provide all your location's hot water services

Torii provides hot water service to the best in property management including HOAs, Subsidized housing, Government entities and Institutional Real Estate Groups. Our technology and service are the reasons they trust us.

Torii's Promise

Torii Industries is the leader in hot water as a service industry. We achieve overall energy savings with our high efficiency single-unit heat pump water heater and our proactive technology guarantees 24/7 365 management. No matter who is paying the bill, energy savings and real time support make for happy clients.

Confidence in what we do is why the BEST work with us


Real time and proactive monitoring through proprietary sensors and Artificial Intelligence allows optimal support. Taking care of issues before they arise and literally making the old idea of inefficient or substandard warranties obsolete.


Torii analytics are provided via our Secure IoT devices and network to provide access directly to your existing maintenance scheduling software through our customized API connection. Allowing uninterrupted service access


Energy savings, maintenance reduction, rebate programs. the omission of damage claims and lowered insurance premiums mean the Torii Way not only provides the best overall service it guarantees the greatest overall savings.