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At Torii Industries™, we are modernizing the water heating industry to suit modern living standards and expectations. We pride ourselves on building green and energy-saving designs. However, we’re not only after comfort and efficiency. We’re reimagining water, your way, the Torii way™, and welcoming you to a better life in the modern world.

* Highly Efficient
* Environmentally Sustainable
* Subscription based Tank-less water heating solutions

Our Approach

Our Approach

The Torii Way™

Learning from old designs but not restricting ourselves to them. By applying multiple new heating technologies, we are modernizing an industry. We’re redesigning water for a greener and sustainable future.

Smarter & Greener

Torii™ units are powered by IoT and AI technology to help us be greener and cleaner. Being green isn’t complicated or inconvenient, and our water systems need to catch up. Torii™ water heaters adjust power levels to accommodate for all of the faucets you have running simultaneously. Also, our AI predicts system failure and notifies a trusted plumber to replace affected parts.

Fast & Efficient

Torii™ units don’t overheat, heat, and reheat excess water. Torri only heats the water you ask for at the temperature you asked for when you asked for it. We do all of this at significant energy savings using multiple modern patented technologies. Torii™ saves energy by only heating the water you need when you need it. And by redesigning the water heater from the ground up, Torii™ units install quickly and easily, virtually anywhere there is a need for hot water.

Smaller Units, Fewer Worries

Go big or go home is not a Torii™ concept. We’re not fans of heavy, bulky, two-man-lift units. Torii™ water heaters are smaller, utilize modern technologies, and fit less than one-third of the conventional water heater space. Simple, quick, professional installation, set it and forget it apps for everyday use, and information on your money & energy savings sent to you monthly! We offer free software updates and a forever warranty.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Patented Approach

Torii Industries™ patented heating process
Torii Industries™ is the next generation of heating technology. Traditionally water heating technology requires a heating element that is made of metals. Due to the nature of the water oxidation, the metals used in those units break down, and efficiency goes out the window even in those heat-pump water heaters.
Torii™ uses a heating process that has no oxidation from our materials. Redesigning the process is more than changing materials. Utilizing a carbon foam manufactured to specific specifications optimizes the surface area, heating faster in less time. Our carbon foam has exceptionally high thermal conductivity comparable to aluminum's and is chemically inert, corrosion-free, resistant to harsh environments, and resistive to oxidation. We couple this with induction heating to have a uniform heating process and increase energy efficiency. Not relying on massive amperage to heat a coil, like our competitors, Torii™'s process uses magnetic fields to stimulate the entire foam directly and heat the water at a rapid pace.

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Subscription Model (hH₂OaaS™)

A Torii™ Subscription removes the need to pay for a warranty. So, no more paying for an extended warranty or not obtaining that highly efficient water heater due to crazy high prices.

* Download and sign up for a new Torii™ account.
* Your local plumber installs your Torii™ water heater.
* Scanning the Torii™ water heater allows you to connect it to your WIFI and activates the water heater.
* Set the Torii Way™ water temp for optimal performance and efficiency while our AI sensing predicts unit failure.
* Track your energy savings and never worry again.
* If the Torii™ water heater is about to fail, our AI can detect it so the unit can be replaced before the failure.

Never worry about replacing another water heater again.

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Our Team

Our Team