Torii is your gateway to possibilities

Torii provides hot water service to the top in property management, HOAs, Subsidized housing, and Institutional Real Estate Groups. There is a reason these industries work with us.

Torii Industries is a leading expert in the hot water as a service industry. Rethinking how we work with our installers allows the doors to open, utilizing technology and having more significant gains and market opportunities.

Features & benefits


Torii's predictive analytics and proactive maintenance provide far more information than just water temperature. We're changing the old buy-break-replace methodology by using data with predictive analytics to forecast replacement before the water heater breaks.


Time management to replace a water heater has been simplified by scheduling a replacement before a significant problem occurs. We're freeing up schedules and time to accommodate your life's workflow.

Capital Returns

Torii provides some of the highest returns to our installers in the industry. Not only one-time installations but a continuous revenue stream by servicing and replacing our units before they break.

Market opportunities

We provide training and technology for new installers to make each installation successful and faster. Torii is helping our installers break into new markets with tools to simplify the processes. A very attractive option for your technical crew and accelerating time to revenue for the business leaders.

Confidence and the ability to execute in what we do is why the top work with Torii