This is the ToriiWay

When Torii began, our goal was always to provide our clients with a quality solution to their hot water needs. But following a standard business model always created an imperfect solution. Without changing the model, we couldn’t profoundly change the experience. So, that’s what we did.

We recruited leaders from different industries and different walks-of-life to help strategize. And each time we returned to the drawing board, we found ourselves defining success less about adhering to outdated industry customs, rules and rigid profitability and more about creating benefit for our partners and clients.

That drawing board and those stages were our transformation to this new standard. And by the end, we committed ourselves to the novel idea that the new industry model should be creating a standard that works better for everyone. This is where the Torii gateway and journey begins, as we surpass the industry ordinary.

At Torii Industries, we’re transforming the water heating industry by providing a more intelligent, more sustainable, more dependable and more cost-effective experience. That everyone can benefit.  This is the Torii Way.