Torii is not just a water heater but a transformation to Hot Water as a Service

What working with Torii is like

Partner with Torii for all your properties.

  • New Construction
  • Existing Construction
  • Apartments
  • Multi-family
  • Government Buildings
  • Subsidized housing
  • HOAs
  • Single-family

Torii provides a single unit IoT connected high efficiency electric heat pump water heater

  • No limitations for units or property size – the Torii solution is completely scalable 
  • Energy and cost savings due to state of the art high efficiency and MADE IN THE USA products
  • More manageable upfront costs based on our Hot-Water-As-A-Service platform
  • Proactive IoT technology that literally eliminates unexpected breakage and the costs of catastrophic damage
  • An electricity-based system that eliminates costly gas and usage
  • Our high efficiency and American made products will allow the most aggressive purchase rebate programs available 

Dependability is our promise

  • Local Certified and trusted installers replace your old water heater
  • Old water heater is sent to contracted recycling companies keeping your local landfill happy
  • Torii water heater is installed with guaranteed monitoring and energy savings 
  • Torii’s proactive technology detects issues and communicates with the client and the plumber
  • Scheduling is automatic and its fixed or replaced at no extra cost
  • A superior high efficiency American-made product, with proactive service and support, and dramatic cost savings. 

Dependability is our promise