Torii is not just a water heater but a transformation into Hot Water as a Service

What working with Torii is like

Partner with Torii for all your properties.

  • Affordable subsidized housing
  • HOAs
  • New Construction
  • Existing Construction
  • Apartments
  • Multi-family
  • Single-family

Torii provides a single unit Cellular connected efficient electric heat pump water heater

  • Size and location are non-issues. Torii has no size restriction. Meaning your existing infrastructure is used with no major construction.
  • Cellular connected for always connected dependability.
  • Efficient for you and your tenants to save money every day.
    • Whether you pay the energy bill or your tenant does. You come out ahead by lowering the energy bill.
  • High efficient heat pump providing great rebates on the installation.
    • We help to understand the rebate program saving you the most on this new install.

Dependability is our promise

  • Local Certified and trusted installers replace your old water heater
  • Old water heater is sent to contracted recycling companies keeping your local landfill happy.
  • Torii water heater is installed.
    • Monitoring and energy savings take place.
  • Torii detects future problems, a notification goes out to the plumber, and you through simple API integration to any of your maintenance software.
    • Scheduling is automatically taken care of between our partner plumber and you/tenant to fix or replace at no extra cost to you.
  • Continuous proactive maintenance and replacement for 24/7 365 uptime to provide happy tenants, less maintenance, and savings for each of your properties.

Simple replacement in your properties

  • Working with you for what fits best.
    • Most used:
      1. Full replacement of all water heaters on the property
    • Least used:
      1. Replacement upon failure of your existing water heater.