Our Team


Gordon Olson

Gordon Olson is a visionary and leader who creates exceptional teams to make the impossible possible. With extensive experience in driving success, Mr. Olson is able to optimize businesses’ strategies to increase overall team performance and push beyond the limits of what is possible.

As the co-founder & CEO of Torii Industries, Gordon is leading the company to become the leading industry hot water as a service provider. His ability to see beyond boundaries and push for success has made him a respected figure in the business world.

Mr. Olson is often sought out for his perspective on how technology is changing the future and where it’s headed. His guidance has helped many people reach their professional and personal goals.


John Hynds

John is a former US Marine and accredits that experience for his love of leadership and technology. Over thirty years, John’s background in Biotech, Data Telecommunications, and IoT Cybersecurity include leadership roles in both sales and engineering organizations. John has been involved in several successful early startups as well as launching his own successful company. John also holds two US Patents and was a Peterson Fellow at the Acton School of business. Today John and his wife live in northern Idaho and have two wonderful young adult children.


Don Hammond

Don’s sales leadership career spans over twenty years including the past decade-plus focused on hypergrowth global sales organizations at the C-level. With nearly $2B in total career directed revenues, his tenure spans from Legacy organizations to building and scaling companies to 7, 8 and 9-figure operations, including Angel, Seed, A, and B as well as multiple highly successful Exits. Don attended undergrad at the University of Wisconsin and studied his MBA at Northwestern. While he’s lived and worked full time in both Europe and Canada, he currently resides with his wife in New York.