There are so many old water heaters out there that if all the world’s water heaters were a country, they’d produce as much greenhouse gas as the entire country of Belgium. As a business with a heart, we can’t step back and watch as emissions increase. Our new, modernized, highly energy-efficient, tankless heaters are efficient to their core, only heating the amount of water you need when you need it.

At Torii Industries™, we understand that doing the right thing is a group effort that includes businesses, consumers, and plumbers. In fact, plumbers have the added benefit of partnering directly with us and connecting with each Torii™ Water Heater customer through our app. Not only does our business model ensure you get high-quality plumbing services, but our partner plumbers get relationships with clients through a company that genuinely cares about their work.

We also believe that green water heating should be available to all. Torii™ solves this problem through a low, upfront cost combined with a subscription model and a lifetime warranty on the unit. We earn the trust of customers and partner plumbers by providing a consistently reliable product, outstanding customer service, excellent communications, and the knowledge that we, all of us together, are helping to change the world for good.